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Prateep Beed

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Dr. Prateep Beed

A bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering helped Prateep Beed to learn the basics of innovation & design. Soon he realized that machine design is far from humanized design since prototypes often lack the individualism required to cater to the needs of everyone yet at an individual level.

He then pursued a master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology & Neurosciences to better understand and relate to the human mind. Prateep went on to complete his PhD in 2010 in Neuroscience thematically focussing on spatial navigation & decision making. In 2011, he was awarded the Tiburtius-Award for young investigators doing exceptional research. At present, he works as a senior research scientist at the Charité University Medicine, Berlin.

Given the interdisciplinary academic background, Prateep started seeing the strength in combining his seemingly independent disciplines of study thereby shaping a new kind of thought process – design thinking. In 2012, this gave way to the co-founding of Biomimicry Germany, a think-and-do-tank to foster sustainable innovation inspired by nature. Prateep's strengths are positive, critical thinking combined with an extreme curiosity and the desire to actively shape a better world.

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