Integrating neuroscience and neurotech in business and design for sustainable and human-centered innovations.



Understand, apply and engage in neuroscience



Integrating innovative passion and scientific reasoning to achieve success without compromising humane values and balance in nature.




What we offer:

  • Innovation Workshops
  • Training & Academic Teaching
  • Sensory enhanced designs
  • Science and Art collaborations


  • Parterning for Innovative projects
  • Curating EU/ multiteam projects
  • Innovation management
  • Strategy Consulting & Networking




The core principle at Sensory is hierarchically organised under four key elements. A successful product or service relies on the user's perception of its value and use. Cognitive neuroscience and an in-depth knowledge of sensory perception can be implemented to better understand product behaviour. The impact of human-centered designs can be enhanced by adjusting the right parameters to make a holistic appeal to all our sensory modalities. All the following key elements dictate why we decide when we decide. Neuroeconomics is an emerging necessity for succesful ventures.


  • Human-centered Design Thinking
  • Sensory Perception
  • Cognitive Resolution
  • Sustainable Mindset


For Business

Enhancing market value by understanding sensory information

Better decision making


For Sustainable Initiatives

Thinking in least but sustainable functional modules for key resources such as energy & the built environement


For Designers & Artists

Comprehensive designs by taking advantage of cognitive science and visual/ auditory stimuli

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